Ruffle Diaper Cover Sets (Choose from many sets)

$ 11.95
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Cute and cozy Ema Jane ruffle diaper cover sets. Choose from many colors and set options. We make these ruffle diaper covers to fit 1 month olds to 12 months by default. Accessories can fit any age baby or child. Each ruffle diaper cover set comes with a set accessory as shown in the photo. Accessory will be one of the following:
  • Peony Flower Clip (3.5 in. diameter) + Crochet HB
  • Gerber Daisy Flower Clip (3 in. diameter) + Crochet HB
  • Double Prong Grosgrain Bow (3.5 in. wide, 1 inch tall) + Crochet HB
  • Ranunculus Flower Clip (2.75 in. diameter) + Crochet HB
All sets come with a crochet headband (or a nylon headband for white diaper cover). When choosing the color, please note the following KEY: FLW = Hair Flower Clip BW = Hair Bow Clip HB = Headband LEG = Legging (Leg Warmer)