Summer Beach Sea Shell Bags | 5 Colors

$ 3.99
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Warm weather will be here before you know it!! Get ready for Spring break and those family getaways!!

Combing the beaches for shells is so fun for kids and even adults! What's not so fun is getting rid of all that leftover sand in the bottom of your beach bag after your shelling adventure. 

Don't miss out on our best selling beachcomber sea shell bags! Made from waterproof nylon, the mesh material allows you to simply rinse your bag with your shells off when finished and leave the sand behind! Brilliant! 

Landlocked? These also work great for nature walks and are the perfect bag for kiddos to store their treasures they find along the way!

Each bag measure approximately 9" x 8.5" and has a strap that will adjust from approximately 18" - 33". Available in five fun and bright colors! 

At this great price, grab a couple for all your upcoming outdoor adventures!