Satin Silk Rosettes on Iridescent HBs

$ 14.95
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12 Bright and Soft Ema Jane Satin Silk (two per headband) Flowers glued securely to Soft Iridescent stretch headbands. Satin Rosette flowers are 1 inch in diameter. Headbands are made from iridescent stretch material to fit cozily to newborns heads and easily stretch from newborn to baby, toddler and youth heads. Whether for yourself or a gift for another, our products are packaged with love in a durable clear Ema Jane Trademarked packaging with unique Ema Jane logo, sticker, and tag, so you know you are buying Ema Jane quality, brand, promise, and customer service. Cute, trendy, and affordable accessories for newborn, baby, toddlers, youth. Ema Jane is a registered trademark of iLife Products LLC and is exclusively distributed by iLife Products LLC. Ema Jane trademark is protected by Trademark Law. Packaged with love from our family business, includes a unique Ema Jane card giving you savings on our website.